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Calling all materials junkies:

Itching to get creative? We’ve got the perfect solution to your crafting needs and urges – CRAFT NIGHTS!

As part of the fundraising campaign for KITES! we’re hosting PWYC (pay what you can)* CRAFT NIGHTS – we provide all sorts of interesting and intriguing materials for you to play, experiment and explore with.

We’ve got fun projects lined up for you, such as button making, paper mask making, printmaking and bookbinding, just to name a few. All with unlimited paper supplies!

Have fun and explore your creativity while supporting our arts community.


HEAD TRIP! Fantastical Masks, Hats, Helmets, & More with Paddy Leung

A Two-Part Workshop on Wednesday, May 20th and Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 (come to either or both!)

TYPOLOGY and Paperhouse invite you to join multitalented arts impresario, Paddy Leung, for a two-part PWYC (pay-what-you-can) mask and helmet workshop, culminating in a procession and party in Trinity Bellwoods Park! Taking inspiration from the handcrafted costumes featured in TYPOLOGY’s current exhibition, THE NEW GODS, we’ll fashion all manner of fantastical headgear to express our inner superheroes, demons, angels, …or anything!

Wednesday, May 20th from 5–9 pm

Get a “head start” on your alter ego using beautiful handmade papers to make a unique and amazing mask. Drop in any time between 5 and 9 to experiment, explore and play with mask-making techniques and ideas. Paperhouse will also provide all kinds of crafting and decorative materials including ribbons, wash tape, colour pencils, markers, paints, and so much more!

Saturday, May 23rd from 2–5 pm

Top it all off with a magical hat or monumental helmet crafted from unusual and unexpected materials. Coinciding with Doors Open Toronto, this workshop will take place in the third floor hallway outside TYPOLOGY. Brief tours of the exhibition will be offered on the half hour to introduce participants to the amazing works on view by Montreal-based artist Josée Pedneault and Mexico City-based artist Alejandro Garcia Contreras. At 5 pm, we’ll head to Trinity Bellwoods Park for an informal parade where you can dance, sing, tell stories and fully become your character! Drop in anytime between 2 and 5 pm — the earlier the better for the best hat or helmet possibilities!

JOIN US for either or both events, which are *PWYC and appropriate for all ages (we will use scissors and hot glue so caregivers must stay to assist kids, suggested age 5 and up). Materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own hats, bike helmets, or other headwear to customize if you like!

Both Paperhouse (#102) and TYPOLOGY (#302) are at Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street, Toronto, Ontario M6J 2W5

Join in on the event here.


*Suggested donation: $5
Online payment set at $5 or cash in person (select cash at check out)

Each session is from 5pm – 9pm.

More information about the KITES! workshop and event and artist bio below.


ABOUT KITES! Workshop and Event

Paperhouse Studio is proud to announce a unique collaboration with artist Paddy Leung. This summer we are teaming up to teach you how to design, build and fly your own kite! This fun workshop starts with an exploration into kite structures, paper materials and fun decorative additions. We get to test out your handmade kite by flying it together in the park.  Get ready to learn, customize and play with us in this special workshop and event.

Running, parading, playing and flying of kites will take place in Trinity Bellwoods Park*, let’s fill the sky with some beautiful papers and colours.

*Weather permitted.

Check out the details for KITES! here


Paddy Leung is a fairy of all traits that can magically make your dreams come true. Using paper, glitter, streamers, and dreams, she has been known to make beautiful, handmade, sculptural decorations of oversized donuts, clouds, flowers and so much more. Paddy enjoys challenging and connecting with people near and far, using her blogs and various social media in creative ways. She often invites her followers, friends and family to meet her at local art events in Toronto. Also known to comprise themed events and shows, Paddy aims to interact with Toronto’s vibrant art community and the city as a whole.

Founder of Coupe de Coeur – an art fundraiser campaign that provides stylish, clean, gangster, bad bitch, handsome, pretty, pixie $5 haircuts. She started this fundraiser with hopes that artists, non-artists, designers, and dreamers could find it in their hearts to support the arts in a mutually beneficial way.

Paddy has hosted Mask Party Show at 26, Tie Dye Party at The White House Studio, First Thursdays: Featured Artist at the Art Gallery of Ontario. She has also displayed her installations and art works at Nuit Blanche, Gladstone Hotel, City of Crafts and Worn Journal Launch Party.

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