Indigo Dye Workshop

$ 125.00

From pale sky blues to a richness and depth that approaches black, the colour blue is one of the least common hues to find when sourcing dyes from nature. Perhaps for that reason, Indigo, along with Woad, have historically been hugely sought after commodities. Because of it’s potency, Indigo became the primary source of this colour from conventional natural dying.

Join us for a two day explorational class in dying papers with natural Indigo dye. In this workshop, students will learn the basics of dying with Indigo – from what the dye is, through the steps needed to prepare a working vat, and on to various methods of dying with it. In addition, students will leave with 20 sheets of gelatine sized dyed paper.

Wednesday, June 3rd and Thursday June 4th
2 day workshop, 3hours each
6pm – 9pm
Instructor: Liam Blackburn

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