Origami for Kids

Origami for Kids

$ 35.00

Fun for kids and families!

Origami is a traditional Japanese paper folding practice. Traditional origami uses a square sheet of paper and creates beautiful shapes without the use of glue or scissors.

This workshop will introduce kids to the basic folds and instructions that origami instructions use. We use the “fold and follow” teaching style so everybody can fold together with hands on help from the instructor.

We provide print out instructions for all forms so kids can take it home, practice and share with their family and friends!

All kids and their families welcome! Ages 6+

Sunday, April 3rd 2016
1 day workshop, 2 hours
2pm – 4pm
Instructor: Angel Ho
Price includes materials.

Read more about our guest artist below.

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As an emerging fibre artist and textile designer who dabbles in electronics, Angel Ho strives to innovatively fuse materials and techniques together. Finding material’s role in everyday objects and transforming them into a new product or piece, Ho reaches for further exploration of application. Ho believes designing is a mixture of curiosity, interaction and perseverance.