Open Session: FLAX

$ 65.00

Flax (or linen) has been used as a papermaking fibre in some of the earliest examples of true papermaking. It offers beautiful ranges of colour and texture. Join us in an open format exploration of the fibre. Flax from Belgium and Saskatchewan will both be available. Pull traditional sheets using our European style moulds and deckles or experiment using the Nepalese style deckle box. Play on the vacuum table for shaped sheets.  Flax paper is strong and flexible which is great for bookbinding, letter writing or to use in sculptural work. Flax will be provided in its natural form but pigments will be available for colouring upon request.
Prerequisite: Some experience in papermaking is recommended but not required.

Wednesday, September 20th 2015
1 day open session, 3 hours
10am – 1pm
Instructor: TBA

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