Paperhouse Studio is located in Artscape Youngplace, Toronto’s new vibrant community creativity hub in the heart of West Queen West. Exciting new projects are being brought to life every day in its many, beautiful studio spaces.

Paperhouse is an experimental art studio focusing on paper and print. We provide a large, spacious and open concept studio filled with specialized equipment and materials for papermaking, natural dyes, marbling and sculpture.

Our studio is open to artists interested in these mediums while working in a safe and dynamic creative space.

Please refer to a list of equipment we provide here.


In order for Paperhouse Studio to grant access to the studio, renters must have sufficient knowledge, skills and be able to work independently and safely. All potential renters must book a meeting with the co-owner(s) to discuss past experiences. It must be accompanied with samples of work (physical and/or documented) to demonstrate technical skills and creative areas the potential renter is looking to use. From this meeting, an assessment will be given by the co-owner(s) to determine if the potential renter is the right fit.

Paperhouse has a staff present during office hours, however they do not work one-on-one with renters and are not available outside of office hours. For the health and safety of the renters and studio, we must be assured that renters are able to work in an independent and safe capacity.

We find that our renters have generally completed a post-secondary education in Printmaking, Sculpture and/or General Studio Arts or have taken several of our beginner classes, confidently familiarizing themselves with our process.

Being a Renter

All renters are required to sign a rental contract and are given a list of health and safety regulations that they must adhere to. As a new renter you must work during the staff office hours (Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 6pm) for the first month as part of the probation period. After this period you are to meet with the co-owner(s) to determine if you are ready for 24-hour access. It must be agreed by both parties (renter and co-owner) before a building pass and a studio key is issued (each requires a $20 deposit).           

Rental Rates

$50 / day

$70 / weekend

$120 / week

$250 / month

$350 / 10-day passes

All rental rates are subjected to HST. Above fees are for space rental only, materials are additional and is the responsibility of the renter to purchase from the studio or other sources. Certain materials such as cleaning agents and chemicals are included in the rental fee.

Please refer to prices of available materials for sale at the studio here.

Paperhouse Studio does not provide refunds, exchanges and/or transferring of credit on any rental passes or un-used time.

Volunteer-Renter Model

In keeping with our accessible and diverse mandate, Paperhouse Studio believes in allowing flexibility and options for our renters. We developed a volunteer-for-rent program that offers young and emerging artists a space to create their art work.

Please read our Volunteer-Renter Policy for more information and do not hesitate to contact us with questions and concerns.

Contact us at to set up an appointment and we can discuss a suitable renting model to fit your needs.