Emily Cook, Co-Founder

Emily Cook has been pursuing research in papermaking since her undergraduate thesis in 2004. She continued her studies at Louisiana State University where she completed her Masters by creating an installation of sculptures that used the properties of high shrinkage flax and abaca fibres. Her practice includes books arts, large scale sculpture, and both large and small scale pulp painting.

Emily has worked in five papermaking studios in the United States and Canada and has been teaching workshops and classes in papermaking since 2007 to both children and adults.

Emily is excited at the prospect of expanding the world of papermaking to include more artists and is eager to work in an environment that promotes collegial exchange. These exchanges amongst creative minds will be fruitful for the future of papermaking in Canada, and has the potential to aid other artists in their practices.

Flora Shum, Co-Founder

Flora Shum is a graduate of OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking.  She has participated in several shows, art fairs, print exchanges, collaborations and anthologies both locally and internationally. Shum has won several prizes for her work incorporating print, paper, sculpture, installation and new media. She also received the prestigious Don Philips Scholarship from Open Studio. Shum explores identification through landmarks and landscapes, cyborg culture, the structure of cultural and familial values and the relationship between factual and delusional memories.

Shum is a teaching assistant at OCADU and instructs at both Paperhouse Studio and Open Studio, in papermaking and printmaking. She is also a project coordinator at Mozilla’s Hive Toronto.