School Groups

Paperhouse Studio - School Groups BannerNot only do we teach various classes and provide outreach, we also host school groups! For your next field trip take your students to an art studio rich with creativity and expression. Learn about the process behind paper and printmaking, while having fun in a safe, informative space. We offer various classes and are happy to customize those to meet the individual needs of each school or class group.

Paperhouse Studio is located in the heart of West Queen West at Trinity Bellwood’s Artscape Youngplace (180 Shaw St.). We are both TTC accessible and offer street parking. You can contact us at our Field Trip Request Form. If you have any questions you can reach us via email at

Example 1
Talk & Tour
Learn all about papermaking and the process from fibre to pulp to paper. The class will get the chance to explore a professional art studio and learn about our papermaking facilities. They will also get the chance to see samples of handmade sheets of paper, marbled papers, natural dyes, hand bound books, experimental paper and print projects and sculptural objects. There will also be time for Q&A, opening up conversations about traditional craft, a contemporary art practice, an art studio organization and anything about paper and print!

Example 2
Talk & Tour with a Demonstration
In addition to Model 1, learners get the chance to see how we set up a papermaking station, the tools we use and how to form a sheet. We’ll show them the step by step process and what the finished product looks like.

Example 3
Papermaking Workshop
In addition to Model 2, learners will be get the chance to make their own sheets of handmade paper! We’ll take them through the process of pulling a sheet of paper with a mould and deckle. We will explore the differences of pulling with a traditional laid mold and a woven mold. Basic Nepalese style deckle box is covered as well – a high walled mold and deckle, placed in a container of water allowing the pulp to suspend while more is dropped and mixed in. This allows individual pulls of different coloured pulp, mixes of different fibres and/or found materials to be part of the final sheet. Class groups can bring in their own materials to add into their paper sheets to create personalized and custom handmade paper.

Example 4
Papermaking and Printmaking Workshop
In addition to Model 3, participants will also get the opportunity to learn about printmaking with Graven Feather, an art studio, gallery and workshop space around the corner from us, housed in another Artscape building (around a 2 minute walk). Students will have the chance to be in a professional printmaking studio and learn about print media. Learners will set type, and make their own prints with Graven Feather’s letterpress equipment. This model ties in art practices from paper to print.

Add ons

With any model you can add a gallery talk and tour with our neighbours in Artscape Youngplace – Koffler Gallery and Critical Distance Centre for Curators. Learners will get a talk and tour of the space with a focus on the current art exhibition, getting insight into the artist’s concepts, artwork and process.

Booking Policy

A minimum of $250 (+HST) must be met by each school group for a hands on workshop in which learners can make their own art work (example 4).

If the group has 20 or more students, it must be split into 2 groups for capacity issues due to health and safety policies.

A minimum of 50% must be paid at least 1 week prior to the class to reserve the date, book the instructors and purchase the materials.

Any cancellations less than 1 week will loose their deposit of 50%.