Nepalese Papermaking: Deckle Box

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Deckle boxing is one of the oldest forms of papermaking, and is a style primarily used in Nepal and Tibet. In this style, paper pulp is poured into a high-walled mould and deckle, it’s then placed in a container of water allowing it to be suspended so that more pulp can be dropped and mixed in.

Multiple colours can be combined to make individual decorative sheets allowing for plenty of experimentation like including various different coloured pulp and fibres, and/or the addition of found materials as part of the final sheet. Final sheets are like paintings, each unique from the other.
There will be four sizes of deckle boxes available with the largest being 10 x 20 inches. Deckle boxing is a wonderful technique for making unique book covers or cards, and can be used as a starting point for drawings or pastels.

November, 4th 2017
1 day class, 5 hours
11am – 4pm
Instructor: Flora Shum
Price includes all materials.
Level: Beginner, no experience needed.

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