The Paradise Project

Paradise Projects Collaboration with Paperhouse Studio Handmade End Pages Papermaking in Toronto Canada

This book is inspired by the writer, Merilyn Simonds’s garden. The artwork are block prints by Erik Mohr, the book is designed by Hugh Barclay and Paperhouse Studio made the end papers. The Paradise Project is hand printed, hand bound and exists as an edition of 321.

Hugh Barclay of Thee Hellbox Press summarizes the process and describes the book  here and you can purchase the it here.

Visit Merilyn Simond’s website on the process from concept to execution and the final product. We love the post on “The Papermaker’s Tear”, great insight on what it’s like to collaborate and interact with the handmade paper process. Her writing  on working with the different artists and printers will satisfy that curiosity while make you laugh and cry simultaneously.