Equipped with some cast iron and a whole lot of love, Paperhouse Studio is an experimental studio rooted in paper and print media. Open since 2013, we strive to create a fun, playful and educational environment for artists as well as encouraging accessibility and diversity, offering both the space and expertise for artists to experiment and explore new ideas in their work. Through the outreach arm - Paperhouse Outreach Collective, we design youth and intergenerational programmes for marginalized peoples with community building as the core.



Paperhouse’s handmade paper will bring something unique to your product, project or event. We have worked with farmers, distillers, restaurants and printers. We offer a wide range of services and possibilities, each project uses paper to tell a unique story and we work hard to ensure we create something special for our clients.


Take your creativity to the next level! Come and learn in a professional art studio with high quality materials and equipment as well as expert instruction. Your creative spirit deserves the best! We offer a wide range of courses, from absolute beginners to more experienced makers. We also keep our class sizes small to ensure our full attention is give to each individual. Register online today!


We love to collaborate! We believe that great art and design is created through dialogue between diverse groups of people. We’ve worked with all sorts of creative types - bookbinders, dancers, printmakers, sculptors and more, we are always open to making new friends and sharing our knowledge.
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